Girls in Pants

"Now we’re facing our last summer together. In September we go away to college. And it’s not like one of those TV shows where all of us magically turn up at the same college. We’re going to four different colleges in four different cities. (but all within four hours of one another - that was our rule). We’re headed off to start our realGirls in Pants - Book Reviews for the Average Joe lives."
Tomorrow night at Gilda’s we’ll launch the Pants on their summer voyage. Tomorrow begins the time of our lives. It’s when we’ll need our Pants the most. Tibby struggles with the idea of close friend Brian becoming her boyfriend, and their fragile relationship is soon tested by a tragedy in her immediate family. Carmen doesn’t know how to react when she finds out that her middle-aged mom is pregnant, and Bridget is unpleasantly surprised to be reunited with the boy who broke her heart two summers ago. Finally, Lena, still coming to terms with the loss of her first love, tries to convince her strict father that art school is a better career path than Greek restaurant management. But through every crisis, each girl is assured of the love and support of the created sisterhood when she pulls on the denim armor of the cherished, and by now, a bit fragrant ("Rule # 1. You must never wash the Pants.") Traveling Pants.

Meeka says:
Quite a good book, but not as good as the first two, there was just something missing from it.

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