Inkheart - Book Reviews for the Average Joe Meggie's dad has a great talent. His voice. Not an ordinary voice, but a smooth hypnotizing one. So hypnotizing that he can read things right out of a book and make it real. But he can also read things into a story, anything, including his wife. Since then he hasn't read anything out loud. Now the villains he has read out demand that he read more of their friends out of the books and great fortunes too. With Dustfinger to help and a new recruit Farid, Meggie is on the hunt to get her father back.

Meeka says:
Wow, what a read. Just like Jasper Fforde's books, but for younger audiences! Actually for any audiences, I really enjoyed the book and couldn't wait to get my hands of the second one and am now impatiently awaiting book 3 in the series.

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