Laura Fitzgerald

Veil of Roses
Adult Fiction

Let me introduce you to Tamila Saroush and let's sit quietly well she tells you her story. Tamila is Iranian and for her twenty seventh birthday present her parents get her, her passport and a one way ticket to her sister in America. Tamila has only three month, THREE MONTHS, to find a husband so she can stay instead of being sent back to Iran to live in the prison the country has become for women. She'll take you with her to her English classes, shopping trips, dates and the quest for a normal life in an unbalanced situation.

Meeka says:
This was an eye opening novel for me. To see the things I take for granted viewed for the first time was amazing. This is basically a chick lit book, but how to get to a happy ending is a winding road with lots of hazards along the way. Truly and enjoyable novel.

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